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Wines of Mallorca

it discovers another type of tourism

it finds the perfect site to have an enologic experience, discovers another type of tourism and enjoys the best Wines of Mallorca.


Activites for enjoy the wine of Mallorca


In Spain there exist warehouses of great prestige, but the lovers of the quality wine recommend to enjoy a different activity during the vacations, specially visiting warehouses in group in an environment with own captivation as the island of Mallorca.


This region placed in a protected site, has wine excellent zones with the best grapes and all the types of Wines of Mallorca that you can taste.


So much the white grapes, which preserve his flavor in the varieties of the muscatel of Alexandria, the macabeo, muscatel of tiny grain, malmsey wine, draft ros, riesling sauvignon blanc and other inks as the sauvignon, tempranillo, syrah, merlot and more, are of great value for the experts.


In the frame geoclimatic ideal, this zone turns out to be perfect for the production of the wine, and gets mentions of honor for his fertile lands for the culture of the grapevine.


The island relies on the Serra de Tramuntana and Llevant, between other areas of his geography that they serve to protect from the winds to the cultures, thanks to his moderate altitudes. Nevertheless, stands out the Mediterranean climate in the mountains, for his ideal level of dampness, notably high.


Now, you have the opportunity to discover another type of tourism and to live through the culture of the wine in the littoral mallorquín, some of the principal activities are:


Vendimia's Fests


Since in the epoch of our grandparents when they were treading on the grapes, you will live days for the recollection knowing the history and culture with the acts realized in this festivity.


Visits guided to the Museum of the Wine


Already you can enter the exciting world created by the enologists for the best Wines of Mallorca. The enologists have bet for the small museums of the warehouses to announce them. This way, you will have one more alternative during your vacations, recognizing the great legacy of the history that offers you this broth that goes centuries in the tables of the whole world.


Why not to sign to the real paradise of colors, sublime aromas and flavors with a new historical perspective?


On having walked along the rooms of the Museum you will contemplate all the tools, diversity of packings, presses and an endless number of instruments linked to the creation of the delicious Wines of Mallorca.


It visits guided to the vineyards


It realizes walks along the principal tours organized by experts and feel as the vine-growers, entering the origin of this broth, from the vineyards.


It discovers taken care of the vine-stocks and how the grapes are cultivated by the labors of growth and complete cycles of production that begin with the pruning, up to the vintage or trying of the rich grapes.


It visits to the best warehouses


You will know every corner of the routes enoturistics learning everything on the processes of upbringing and aging or technologies used to bottle the broths.


The Wines of Mallorca deserve to do this visit, specially thought to walk along the warehouses of the zone. It experiences how they are the warehouses, rooms of tryings and casks or chutes, taking advantage of your stay the summers days in the beautiful island.


Wine - Tasting


If still you do not know how to taste the flavors of a good broth and want to learn to realize a wine-tasting, this one is your opportunity. He tastes in the warehouses the principal Wines of Mallorca guided by a qualified wine steward, who will detail everything relating to this art.


At present, a wide offer exists in this sector to begin your gait for the world of the enology and you will be able to understand better the different tryings, taking a dossier to you to continue your learning in house.


Casino of the wine


Known as one of many activities to carry out in the warehouse, it will be very entertaining to look blindly and to take part of the bets on the diverse aspects of every broth during the trying wine of Mallorca.

From the type of grape, aroma or color, up to the singular way of tasting to know which is his origin, they form a part of this original activity.


Workshop of painting with wine


Yes, finally it is possible to create a picture using your imagination to form the varieties of wine that you discover in your routes enological. Now, you have in the warehouses of this option to realize a beautiful work with special pigments that are obtained of the remains of the Champaign and other substances of the broths.


Workshop of 'maridaje'


An irresistible experience lives beyond your plans of beach, tourism and leisure in the city that, undoubtedly, is thought to dazzle the senses to the lovers of the Wines of Mallorca.


According to the saying, " the ‘maridaje’ is the art of finding the balance between a wine and a plate ", now you will be able to combine the hams, cheeses, sausages or chocolates of the zone with the best broths, thanks to the workshop of ‘maridaje’.


Turn into vine-grower and enologist for one day


It learns to be a butler realizing own activities of the sector and believe your particular wine with the only magical formula, playing with the coupes of a lot of varieties that exist in the warehouses. It perceives the aromas and combines the flavors, betting for your creativity with the advantages of enjoying the excellent Wines of Mallorca.




In the whole zone of the Mediterranean littoral the companies have chosen to extend his facilities to celebrate corporate and different events, as anniversaries, communions, weddings, etc. An interesting offer with spacious lounges conditioned for these familiar occasions and corporate events, from Team Building's activities or dinners of company, up to meetings and pensions.


Already you can, reserve the lounge in the perfect site for celebrations of all kinds inside a warehouse!


If you like the Wines of Mallorca do not stop programming your trips of enoturism, it bets for an adventure of flavors and opens the senses to live through the activities that always you have dreamed.









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