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Cycling in Mallorca

Discover why Mallorca is the ideal destination to enjoy cycling and its best routes

One of the great tourist activities of the island of Mallorca is the practice of one of the most famous sports in the world: cycling.

More and more people are choosing Mallorca as a holiday destination, but not just any holiday, but a holiday dedicated to what we like best. Cycling. For lovers of this sport, the island is the ideal destination for cycling in Mallorca. Not only because of the beauty and uniqueness of the island itself, but also because it is prepared for the practice of this sport, which has become so popular in recent times.

Every year, between the months of March and October, the island receives thousands and thousands of tourists who come to the island with the aim of practicing cycling in Mallorca. The months in which there are more visits directly related to the practice of cycling are the months of April and May. Just before the strong season of tourism in Majorca begins and just before the heat so characteristic of the Balearic Islands begins to press. 

This is precisely one of our great strengths for cycling in Mallorca. The climate. The wonderful Mediterranean climate, characterized not only by good temperatures, but also by low rainfall and air storms. That is why these two months are the busiest in everything related to cycling in Mallorca. March and April. Especially April, as it usually coincides with Easter and is one of the periods that marks the beginning of the season for many hotels, restaurants and leisure areas in the most touristic places of Mallorca. The whole island prepares for the arrival of this type of tourism during months that begin to arrive little by little in March and grow as the weeks go by.

For this reason, hotels, restaurants and companies that supply equipment for cycling in Mallorca prepare during the winter. When this time of year arrives, tourists who decide to practice cycling in Mallorca have all the facilities they need during their stay.

Cycle routes in Mallorca

Without a doubt, another of the characteristics that make us great in this sector is the beauty and uniqueness of our mountain biking routes in Mallorca. Why? It is an easy question to answer. The answer is that our Serra de Tramuntana is one of those scenic beauties that leave no one indifferent and without a doubt, any self-respecting cyclist wants to enjoy his or her favourite sport, among mountains, cliffs, unparalleled forests... a beauty that makes anyone who has the opportunity to ride these cycling routes in the Serra Tramuntana enjoy themselves. A real pleasure for cyclists in Mallorca. 

You will also find road cycling routes in Mallorca, prepared for the risk-free practice of this sport, so if you are looking for a safe place to cycle in Mallorca, the island has everything you need. We recommend that when you choose the location where you are going to stay on your holidays, if you are planning to come and practise this sport, you should take this into account, as there are places on the island with better facilities and services to accommodate this type of tourism that comes to practise cycling in Mallorca.

Cycling in El Arenal

One of the places with more cycling tourism is the area of El Arenal and Playa de Palma. Why is this? Because it is a coastal area, with wonderful views of the bay and long routes to enjoy the Mallorcan landscape while you cycle and let yourself be carried away by the Mallorcan environment and the essence of the Mediterranean. A real pleasure to enjoy some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca. As we have said before, the best time to come to Mallorca to practice both cycling and sport cycling is in the months of March and April, before the Mallorcan heat starts to get to you. 

Most of the hotels in the area of El Arenal and Playa de Palma are open during these months to accommodate the tourists who come for this purpose. Practically all of them have specialized services for cyclists and especially during this time of year they are almost exclusively dedicated to cycling. Therefore, if you are thinking about cycling in Mallorca, finding a hotel in El Arenal or a hotel in Playa de Palma may be your best option. Don't think twice about it and make your choice knowing what is best for you, and what is best for you if you want to practice cycling in Mallorca, is to choose an MLL hotel.

MLL Hotels

If you have already decided on El Arenal or Playa de Palma as your cycling destination in Mallorca, now the most important part remains: choosing the hotel where you will be staying. We advise you to come and visit us. You will find several hotels of the MLL Hotels chain in these two areas. We have MLL hotels in El Arenal and MLL hotels in Playa de Palma. Each one is different from the other which makes it easier for you to find the one that best suits your needs and so, whatever your needs, your budget or your interests, in our hotels you will find the perfect solution to stay in a hotel in El Arenal or in a hotel in Playa de Palma ideal for cycling in Mallorca.

Don't think twice and let us make you enjoy your holidays in Mallorca. A Mediterranean paradise perfect for taking long cycling routes in Mallorca and letting yourself be carried away by unique surroundings, paradisiacal landscapes and a Mediterranean culture that leaves no one indifferent. We are waiting for you at MLL Hotels!

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