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Autumn in Mallorca

Autumn in Mallorca is one of the most beautiful seasons to visit Mallorca.

Autumn in Mallorca is one of the most beautiful seasons to visit Mallorca. Although any time is ideal to organize your trip to Mallorca, spring and autumn are the best times if you are looking to enjoy the island to the fullest. 

At this time of the year you will find fewer visitors on the island, which will allow you to enjoy Mallorca much more. In addition, the weather in Mallorca at this time of the year is also ideal. Not too cold, not too hot. This allows you to visit and reach places that in summer, due to the heat, are complicated. 

If you are going to visit Mallorca in autumn, we leave you a few suggestions for you to enjoy the island to the maximum during your vacations in Mallorca. We will recommend you some of the best beaches in Mallorca, different excursions to do and also some villages to visit. We will also recommend you different hotels in Majorca where to stay. Keep reading to know everything about Majorca!

Beaches of Majorca

If Mallorca is known for something, it is for its incredible beaches. Traveling to Majorca means enjoying the good weather and the beaches of Majorca. And although it is no longer summer, autumn in Mallorca is also a good time of the year to enjoy them. 

Autumn temperatures in Majorca allow us to continue enjoying the good weather on the beaches of Majorca and even take a dip in the sea! Another advantage of traveling to Mallorca at this time of the year is that you can make excursions to the most hidden beaches of Mallorca.

In summer, due to the heat, it is difficult to reach some of Mallorca's hidden beaches. But in autumn, with more suitable temperatures, you will appreciate the walk to the most unspoiled beaches of Mallorca. This will take you to unique places in Mallorca that you will undoubtedly love. 

Which beaches in Majorca can you visit in autumn? The one of your choice! You will have no problem finding a place or parking when it comes to getting to the beach. The beach bars will still be open and you will be able to enjoy them in a much quieter and more relaxed atmosphere than during the summer in Mallorca. 


Before we have spoken about excursions to beaches of Majorca. But now we come to recommend you some hiking and cycling routes to do this autumn in Mallorca. Whether by bike or on foot, you will be able to enjoy excursions in Majorca that you love. 

In addition, the temperatures at this time of the year will accompany you and will make your excursion in Mallorca perfect. The average temperature in Mallorca in autumn is 24ºC.

Hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range

The best known place for hiking in Mallorca is the Serra de Tramuntana. This is where many of the excursions in Mallorca start or end. Thanks to the Serra de Tramuntana, you can find magical places while you get to know, at the same time, an area that is a World Heritage Site. 

If during your vacations in Mallorca you want to do one of the different hiking routes in the Serra de Tramuntana we are going to recommend you different excursions in Mallorca. This way you can choose the one that best suits you and your travel companions. 

Sa Costera, for example, is a route through the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana. This hiking excursion in the Serra de Tramuntana will allow you to enjoy both the nature of these mountains, as well as incredible views of the sea, due to the fact that during the whole route you will be bordering part of the coast of Mallorca. 

Another beautiful excursion is Sa Trapa. From the small village of Sant Elmo, you can take a hiking route in the Serra de Tramuntana. Through this protected natural spot you can reach the peak of Collet de la Trapa. From this point you will have spectacular views of the island of Sa Dragonera. 

Cycling in Mallorca

Another option for this autumn in Majorca is to go cycling in Majorca. Cycling tourism in Mallorca attracts many people every year. That is why it is a very prepared island with many options for cycling routes. 

You can travel to Mallorca with your own bike, but there is also the option of renting a bike in Mallorca. Once you have it, you only have to choose the cycling route in Mallorca that best suits you and start pedaling. 

If you are looking for cycling routes for the whole family, we offer you options such as the ascent of Puig de Randa, very close to Llucmajor. But you can also do a cycling route in Mallorca inside the Natural Park of S'Albufera. Both are very interesting options to get to know the flora and fauna of Mallorca. 

If you are looking for longer routes suitable for professionals, we recommend other cycling routes in Mallorca. The circular route from Esporlas to Paguera would be one of them. You will enjoy beautiful views of the valleys and you will pass by the beautiful Torre des Verger. Another very similar route, but on the other side of the island, is the bike route to the Faro de Formentor. One of the most popular cycling routes in Mallorca. 

Towns of Mallorca

Another activity to enjoy autumn in Mallorca is to visit the different villages of Mallorca. Visiting the villages of the island is a way of getting to know the culture and traditions of Mallorca. 

Strolling through villages such as Fornalutx, Valldemossa or Deià you will love it. These villages of the Serra de Tramuntana are characterized for being built in a very specific way known as "dry stone". This way of building is well known for having granted the title of World Heritage to the Serra de Tramuntana. 

MLL Hotels

While organizing your vacations in Majorca, one of the things you have to choose is in which hotel in Majorca to stay. Our recommendation are our MLL hotels. With 6 different hotels in Mallorca you will find the perfect one for you. Hotels Only Adults, Hotels for sportsmen, Hotels for the whole family... 

No doubt we are the hotel in Mallorca you are looking for to enjoy the island to the fullest, we are waiting for you!

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