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Aquatic sports in Arenal

Adrenaline on the sea

Who has not enjoyed the crystalline waters of Majorca realizing aquatic sports in the Arenal? If still you have not experienced this exciting activity, anything better than the island with his natural places, beaches and coves to live through the best adventures in the sea.

Mallorca, an unforgettable aquatic experience

Arenal give you the possibility of practice skin-diving, aquatic-ski, surf, and other things for the lovers of the sea, especially if you travel in summer you can to take advantage of the most out-standing tourist offers, with accessible prices for all people.

It begins today to plan your vacations and remembers to include the aquatic sports in the Arenal as a perfect option all the year.

From the wonderful climate and the ideal temperatures of the water, up to the favorable winds, close to the clubs and nautical clubs with an impressive infrastructure to begin in these activities. The island offers the best alternatives for the amateurs and professionals sportsman.

In the recognized nautical international fair, celebrated annually in Palma, the different aquatic sports are outlined in Arenal for his excellent environment with all the facilities for the visitors.

Some practices in this kind of sports, wich are more prestigious even year are:


Mallorca is placed in a natural environment with fabulous beaches, coves and mountains and it is the perfect place for practice aquatic sports for a long time. Actually, there are many surf schools, where windsurfing man initiated and choose the sea with favorable winds in different locations, especially they practice these aquatic sports in Arenal.

The bay offers a lot of advantages as the good squalls of wind that reach up to 5 or 6 knots during the winter, besides the excellent winds in summer and the tempests of west and southwest of Arenal.

The conditions of the climate for this sport are similar in all the beaches of Mallorca.

Motor and Sailing

The first tourists and sailors who visited in the 20s and 30s the island, as it happened to the Duke Ludwig Salvado in 1867, they remained totally fascinated with this perfect environment to realize aquatic sports in the Sandbank, and in the rest of Mallorca.

Nowadays, the summit of the nautical industry with big advances in the crafts, equipments and storage add to the courses of trainings candles that are offered in the nautical clubs. Already be in winter cruises, since in excursions that you can realize all the year round, the list of companies is endless to select different options of leisure.

Sailing along the sea you will enjoy unrepeatable moments that they will remain always in your memory.

Speed boat

In the coast, also kids have the opportunity of live the experiences. How a travel in boat between the aquatic sport in Arenal, where you can enjoy the speed with this aquatic activity.

For the small ones of the house it is a sport offer specially thought with all the advantages of the walks in boat to great speed. You will have the possibility of photographing spectacular places of this beautiful island.

If you like the tours in rapid boat, the amusement is guaranteed, from the different exits of Palm up to the Sandbank. Prepare yourself to share 2 hours with friends and family on the Mediterranean one.

Rent a Jet-Ski

Other one of the recommended activities if you visit the city is to contract the service of Jet Ski and to break the waves between 20 and 40 minutes, leading the most modern motorcycles of water. You do not need license and the zone is very sure in the bay.

Skin-diving and dips

Acquaintance like one of the aquatic classic Sports in the Sandbank. Now you can submerge with the professional guides and choose, according to the ages, an excursion of snorkel, I dive and the different visits with dip in the waters turquoises of the coves or beaches of Mallorca.

It discovers the ideal conditions to dive, so much if you have advanced knowledge, as if you begin with the courses of skin-diving. It admires the fauna and submarine flora, while you enjoy the agreeable temperatures of the water between 14 º and 25 º in the summers months with instructors of recognized experience.

Kayak tour

It contracts the tours to the late afternoon to see the best puttings of the Sun in kayak. It will be one evening that you will never forget. Then, we advise you to enjoy a few rich lids in the stalls of the beach of Arenal.

Bananaboat y Parasailing

All the aquatic Sports in Arenal adapt to your tastes, also if you choose a package of services that it includes to realize parachuting on the sea and a walk-in inflatable banana to great speed behind the boat.


Have you thought of sailing with a professional boss in the best beaches of the island? Now you have a different option to sail and to learn this activity that you can experience together with other persons. Register in the courses and begin your adventure.

If you do not know the maritime caves, you sink in and the great variety of cliffs with an extraordinary beauty, this excursion is your better choice, only 1 hour and is recommended as other one of the aquatic sports in Arenal.


With a great number of fans, it continues being one very demanded option, principally for the tranquility of the sea in this zone and he remembers that always you can accede to the courses that offer the clubs of the city.


You will find a point of meeting with other many fans and the sites are perfect for the climatic conditions in these beaches, if you desire it between the aquatic sports in Arenal, one of the best options is the Kite Surfing.

Almost all the schools of surf have this practice, that it includes diverse sizes of kits. In your vacations, you will be able to open them with sufficient space to slip with more freedom on the waves. Always with thermal winds, in the coves of this locality you will not bother the bathers, because there are not many people.

Choose your aquatic favorite sport and begin already to live through your vacations with these activities of leisure recommended in Arenal!

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